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How Long Does Colour Last?

One thing is for sure, no colour applied on a any surface lasts forever, whether it is the colour applied on a garment, a car, the facade of a house or a photograph. All, absolutely all colours suffer a discoloration with the passage of time if they are exposed to direct or indirect light, specially sunlight.

Therefore, the durability of the color of a print will vary depending on the hours of sunlight it receives throughout the day, whether this light is direct or indirect, the type of sun it receives (the sun is not the same as Cádiz that the sun of Scotland for example), of the quality of the support on which the color is applied, of the amount of ink used to apply the color (light colors have less mass of ink than dark colors and therefore dark colors take longer to lose color than light colors) and especially the quality of the inks used. We use original inks in our printer, which are more durable than generic inks.

As a reference and for our experience, an impression made by us for our clients here in Tarifa of a sign installed outside or a sticker stuck on a car can be up to five years without showing signs of discoloration. To achieve greater durability the print can be laminated. In this article you can read more about lamination.