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Difference Between Cut Vinyl and Print Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the many supports that exist in the world of digital reproduction of images in two dimensions. For argument´s sake, let´s just say that there are two types and purposes vinyl, for printing and for cutting. The print vinyl is usually white or transparent and ink is applied to it by the printer to achieve a reproduction.

Cutting vinyl comes in many colors and what the machine does is cut with a knife the image we want to reproduce. To play a cut vinyl image it has to be vectorized. In this article you can read what it means to vectorize an image so I will not go into more detail for now about this.

Well, then when is it convenient to use one or the other? For photographs or designs composed of many colors it is better to use the printing vinyl. For designs in a single color or few flat colors (no transition of color mixing between them) it is better to use the cutting vinyl. In the case of wanting to use vinyl cutting in a design with several colors will have to use as many colors of vinyl as colors have the design and then put them on the support.

Every day we come across many examples of cutting vinyl without paying much attention to the technique used. Will you be able to recognize them the next time you see them? I hope that thanks to this explanation you are.